Vegan Food Haul for the weekend…

Hi my vegan friends, unfortunately I’m back from NYC and my fridge is starving…


So I wanted to do something not just for long-term vegans but for people who want to become a vegan or are more interested in the vegan lifestyle lately. That’s why I decided to blog about my food purchase for the weekend and show you, that vegan food doesn’t mean to spend a lot of money. Just for the record, you could buy most of these things in a local discounter as well, but I’d like to have my canned stuff from an organic grocery store near me and this is . They offer a lot of vegan stuff like vegan butter, a variety of plant based milk or a lot of tofu products. Of course you pay a bit more than in a discounter but for me it’s worth the money. I like to have a lot of fruit at home for my smoothies, snacks on the go or just instead of candy now and then. Since I know that I’m fructose intolerance there are some fruits I just couldn’t eat any longer. So I buy lots of mangoes and bananas. This time I wanted to have some oranges and strawberry as well so I could have a morning blast with a fresh pressed orange juice. You just have to go for the things which you really wanted to have when you’re standing in front of ‚em. Not like candy and chips but if you’re in the veggie row of your supermarket 🙂 Most of the time I eat a mango per day so I always buy a few of them.


This weekend I wanted to make a pumpkin – ginger – potato soup so I had to take some veggies. There has to be always an avocado at home and I’m a fan of cucumbers as well. I also like to grab some little tomatoes at work as a snack between the breaks cause I don’t like to eat some sweets while I have to concentrate. I’m the type of person who eats a lot all over the day but never 3 times a day a big portion so I have to make sure that there’s always some food on the go 🙂


If it comes to canned goods I’m into glass just because it’s eco friendly and I could use the container for handmade cosmetics as well. So this is one of the reasons I’d rather choose to go to an organic grocery store. Baked beans are a good meal at work with lots of protein, I can heat them in the microwave and if I was to lazy to cook some meals for work I could use them instead.

This time I wanted to have some spreads cause they have a lot of vitamins, anti oxidants, mineral supplements, enzymes and hey, they taste really good! 🙂

For my cakes and other baked stuff I just use spelt flour because it’s the only cereal that doesn’t gain the toxics from the agriculture. I also like the taste and it’s better for your digestion than regular wheat.

From all of the plant based butter or margarine products I like Alsan the most. It fits perfect to al of my recipes and it tastes just like dairy butter.


Sometimes I like to chill in my apartment, watch some movies and have a snack like chips, but most of them are to heavy for me, like to much fat or something. So we found these new rice chips at Alnatura and I’m really into them! They’re not that heavy as all these other chips you could buy and they’re delicious! I don’t want to have that much taste on them so I just grabbed the salted ones.

I bought some haver drinks with a hint of calcium in them. Great side effect: the calcium that comes from plants is the „good“ calcium for our bones and health system.

There are lots of studys which tell you, that the nations with the highest dairy consumeption are the people with the highest rate of osteoporosis on the planet. Just something to think about…

I like the taste of haver in my cereals or in my coffee as well. The best for coffee is the vanilla haver drink.

The bread of the month was the sesame bread and they offered it to a good price. This tastes so good that I guess, they don’t survive these weekend 🙂


So this was my purchase… And this stuff lasts much more than a weekend- i guess i’m pretty fine for a whole week now, cause there’s some things I always got in store. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and if you like to read more os these stuff just let me know! The next post will be about my short vegan journey to the big apple…

I wish all of you a great weekend!

xoxo, Alex


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