Side effects of vegan travels

Dear careful vegans,

after traveling a while around the world I often saw situations which did’t really make me happy. There are so many poor animals which are locked in cages for entertain tourists. I know that happens since ages and so on but every single one of us could help stop those cruel tourist hotspots!

I remember a tour in Viet Nam. They took us to the Mekong Delta and we just signed in for a river cruise, to visit a floating market and to get to the south of Viet Nam by bus. But the brought us to a crocodile farm. They just kept them in tiny little pool areas like in a zoo…


I told the tour guide that I don’t like to go with her and to wait in the bus for the group because I don’t like seeing animals like this. She was interested and asked me if tourists don’t like this kind of entertainment. I told her how many people from Europe feel when it comes to those attractions. She promised me to talk to her boss- well, of course I don’t know if she really did, but I sent an email afterwards to the farm as well and a few other members of my group waited with me when they saw me having the discussion with the tour guide.

In Bali we wanted to go to famous rice fields and saw a luwak coffee tasting on the side of the road. A few of my travel group wanted to go there and to try the famous luwak coffee. It’s the coffee which is made from „special“ beans. The luwaks, really cute animals, eat the beans and afterwards, of course, poo the beans. The coffee farms take the beans to roast them and offer the famous and expensive luwak coffee. So in the beginning I went in the shop with my friends. As we saw the small cages with the luwaks inside I asked the staff if they could play outside in the trees or if they have bigger cages as well for them and how they treat them there (yes, I know, they wouldn’t be honest but I just wanted to make my status clear 🙂 ). They told me that the animals could play for half an hour every day on a leash and that they just live in this cages for poking the beans. Awesome! This was the moment when I left the shop and waited outside with another friend of mine who’s a vegetarian. The coffee doesn’t even taste special as our friends told us who tried this stuff. It’s just another way to get money from abusing animals.


A year ago I stayed in a really nice hotel resort in Khao Lak, Thailand. There was this cute baby elephant, who came to the resort every single day to entertain the kids there. Unfortunately lot of parents made pics with their children standing in front of the elephant, who was hold on a chain. You could see that there was something wrong with her and that she was really sad. So I asked the stuff of the resort and they told me that she was living alone at her master’s house without her mother. She was way too young and she always did the same moves. I read an article online who said that elephants, who always move the same way, are depressed and sick. So I told the hotel management to stop it and wrote emails and stuff.

The only thing we could do against it: don’t just go there and write emails to the management of those farms, shops, hotels, whatever and tell them, that it’s not ok and there are tourists, who don’t like to see such things! Tell other tourists that it’s not good for animals to be treated like this. Whenever I told other people things like that there were a few who thought about animal abusing and reacted nicely. Just try to make the world a better place for animals. We have to…

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