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Vegan travelling to Maui, Hawaii

Aloha vegans,

a few weeks ago I lived in a nice guesthouse from a really kind family on Maui, Hawaii. It was such a great time and I was so thankful that they let me live in their house and the best: they were vegan friendly and cooked awesome dishes for me.

We drank delicious kale margaritas,


ate sushi,


drank green smoothies and had good coffee and just a good time together.


I always had complete other pictures in my head when I thought about Hawaii. I dreamed of white sandy beaches, relaxed happy people and stuff. But I was a bit disappointed when I arrived there. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time and Maui for example is nice, but not „that“ nice. I missed the happiness and…. yeah, the „amazingness“ there. I quickly felt homesick for Asia 🙂

Untitled 2u4er

Lots of coffee shops in Maui offer vegan options like soy and almond milk. A few of them even got vegan sandwiches and sweets, like the „Wailuku Cofee Co.“ in Wailuku.

My favorite coffee shop is „Sip Me“ in Mackawao:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They will even offer a bunch of vegan cakes and sweets shortly.


Unfortunately Hawaii is really- REALLY – expensive so I didn’t go out for dinner. I bought my stuff in the supermarket and had dinner at my family’s house 🙂 But there are lot of vietnamese and thai restaurants. But in the end I think you*re better off buying your stuff in a grocery store than going to a restaurant. I couldn’t find that much vegan options when I looked in the menus from the restaurants on the shore.


Vegan travelling to Indonesia

Hey veggies, I’m in Indonesia now since the beginning of June. I arrived in Bali where I stayed the first 2 weeks in Canggu and Ubud.  I was looking forward to the good vegan food in Indonesia after a month in Sri Lanka. There are so many cheap but good places to eat and you can always find vegan dishes easily. My favorite one so far is gado gado. It’s a plate with mixed vegetables which always change, either you get springroles and fried things or just steamed veggies but it’s delicious anyways.image image There are lots of cafes offering soymilk or even other plat milks, vegan cakes and desserts so the you got a really good option when it comes to delicious food. Of course the vegan food is more popular in ubud, where they once filmed the popular movie „eat, pray, love“ with Julia Roberts. But you can find many juice shops with awesome homemade, fresh juices and fruit plates as well. I felt completely in love with avocado juices. There are just gorgeous… image Even as I arrived on this tiny little cute island called Nusa Lembongan in between Bali and Lombok I found cafes which offered soymilk, like „two towers lembongan“. It’s a nice and peaceful cafe up on the hill on the way to the south of the island just a few meters ahead from the view point on the right hand side. They play relaxing music and you sit in the middle of the green. For breakfast you can always ask for toast and jam or a fruit plate, vegan breakkie no problem! In the western supermarkets you can find plant milk or other special vegan groceries. Most of the people here working in warungs (restaurants) speak basic ennglish, if you tell them to change the dish they know how to do it and are perpared for special food quieries. Eating vegan is pretty easy here so far. imageI send you lots of love and positive hippieenergie from this dreamisland called nusa lembongan, Alex

Vegantravelling to Sri Lanka…

Ayubovan, vegans…

I’m sitting on the balcony of my guesthouse in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka watching the sunset and I know, it’s defi time for some update and of course, another nlogpost. So sorry, but travelling is such a busy time 🙂 I like Sri Lanka, it’s a crazy island with lots of kind people, good but spicy food and awesome animals. The landscape is stunning and there are mountains over rain forrests, coasts and lots more to see. But the one thing I don’t like at all is the transportation. There is really a problem when it comes to backpacking here- well, if you want to go to other places than just the south. You need to take buses, local non air conditioned and super fast buses. Sometimes you think you’re gona die in these crazy vehicles and a way of 230 km takes you about 8 hours. BUT I’m glad being here and that’s the way it is here in Lanka.

In the beginning I lived in the house of a friend of mine in Kandy, the holy city. There were a lot of invitations from friends and Sri Lankan people could eat the whole day. 😉

Well there are great vegan options like rotthi, if it’s made with oil. You could eat it spicy or not, but it is really delicious! The best I’ve had was in Hikkaduwa, in the south.


The mum of my friend always cooked for us in the evening, that was real Sri Lankan vegan food and so tasty. I had jackfruit curry, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and much more options every day.



The fruit is like everywhere else in Asia just awesome…


Every morning I’m eating fresh papaya, pineapple, bananas, mangoes (I learned eating them with my hands. Happens if youre travelling 8 hours by bus) and things like woodapples.


I don’t know what I should think about these fruit. It was not delicious neither bad… But it’s supposed to be super healthy so give it a try once you’re here.

Another thing you have to try is real Sri Lankan breakfast. Have a tea (or coffee) and some kind of this:

imageRhotti with tomato curry (awesome!!!(, potatoes and lentil something. It was just great but I couldn’t eat that heavy kind of breakfast every day.

I’m staying here until the 2nd of June and after Anuradhapura I’m going to the beach, FINALLY! After Sri Lanka I will go to Bali- not sure yet for how long.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Which kind of food have you tried here? Any recommends?

XOXO, Alex