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Cruelty free and vegan sunscreen- good for tanning, bad for cancer!

Hey Vegans,

are you informed about your sunscreen? Really?

Do you know that it could cause cancer and it’s bad for the enviroment plus most of them aren’t cruelty free at all?!

Especially when it comes to water resistant sunscreens it’s not that clever, using such products for your or your kids skin. And if you go into the blue after using this may not be the best food for fishes and the water itself. So I guess it’s time for a change…

I dind’t want to buy such a shitty product any longer and decided to DIY my sunscreen and give it a try!

I walked to my favorite store in Munich when it comes to natural cosmetics and their resources: Duft und Schönheit


What you need isn’t any preservative cause my sunscreen preserves itself because it’s just made of oils… WHOLY MOLY! And you reach a sun protection factor of 25! It really worked, the oil protected my boyfriend in Thailand from getting a sun burn if he put on some lotion. He was pissed the other day he forget the lotion and looked like a tiny cute lobster 🙂

The lotion isn’t oily, it really absorbs into the skin very quickly and your skin feels hydrated. It also smells just a bit of coconut oil but just at the moment of putting the lotion on your skin. There will be no danger because of mosquitos.


What you need is exactly this:

– 40g jojoba Oil (natural sun blocker)

– 35g sesame Oil

– a tiny bit of Vitamin E Oil (good for your skin and anti-ageing effect)

– 30g coconut Oil (natural sun blocker)

– 10g Sofi Tix sun protection (natural sun blocker)

– 5g ceralan (consistency builder)

– a bottle for filing up these natural miracle – great if you don’t want to use all of this liquid gold at once, which I could definitely understand 🙂

What you have to do:

Heat the coconut oil and the cerulean so you get a liquid consistency. Mixe all of the ingredients and stir them well. Fill the oil in your favorite bottle ( the best you could choose is made of glass of course 🙂 ).


Now you’re ready for the beach, mermaids!

Have a great and skin safe summertime.

xoxo, Alex

Bath salts marries body scrub DIY

Hey vegan friendly community, I wanted to share a simple but awesome gift idea which is cruelty free and of course vegan. I do this much often for birthdays, christmas or when I want to appreciate somebody for helping me out like my neighbours the last time. Because our landlord wanted to renovate our complete bathroom all inclusive for just 2 weeks- now we haven’t had a bathroom till 4 weeks and it takes about 2 more weeks to finish the whole construction area in our appartment- we have to take the showers anywhere else. So we have to go to our neighbours spa temple and we’re so lucky that they’re very kind. I wanted to appreciate their help in the meantime so I did the bath salts/ body scrub for them. Because I also quit my job these days because I want to go travelling a long time I had to say goodbye to my colleagues as well. And guys I could tell you, these where the best you could ever imagine! image We where such a great team and helped each other out at any time. We laughed that much the whole day long, it was awesome! So when I leaved I wanted to give them some present. I allways make bath salts which you could also use as a body scrub, because not everyone has a bath tub at home and they have another option using the present.

What you need:

– tea for the scent: I just use tea because it’s all natural and you have great and various options for every season plus it isn’t that expensive and you allways have some at home, right?! 🙂

-> For a good Chai tea bath salt I use the sweet chai tea from Alnatura mixed with vanilla, cinnamon roles, gillyflowers and anise stars. imageimage – dead sea salt: For peelings I mix the salts, big and smaller grains of salt but you should think about rubbing them on your skin so there should be more smaller ones in it.

– oils: I use jojoba oil, a bit of vitamin e oil and almond oil. You could also use argan oil, coconut oil…

Tipp: if you have a great smelling massage oil you could of course mix it in the salt as well.

– baking soda: if you just like to have only a bath salt then you should use baking soda as well for the bubbling experience 🙂 – decoration: for decoration you could use the tea alone or cinnamon roles, vanilla, anise, gillyflowers or dried eatable flowers for example.

How it works:

imageJust put all together and mix it well with a spoon and you’re good to go. It’s that simple and you just need a few minutes to finish such a great present.

I don’t use a scale, I just work with spoons and rub the salt between my fingers for figuring out if it has the best consistence- that’s my indicator 🙂 You mix it best if you use a high jar like shown on the picture. Which scents do like most for bath salts or body scrub?

Do like to read more DIY like this here on my blog?

Happy giving, xoxo