Quick and easy – summer snack

Aloha vegans,

I’m back in munich for a short stop before I’ll go back on the road in mid october. I’m really kinda homesick when I think about Asia at the moment and I can’t wait to get back there. The last 3,5 months were such an inspirational and joyful time and I met many nice people and even new friends. My favorite place to be was Indonesia, especially Bali and Nusa Lembongan so far. I just love the vibe and the scenery there so much, that I can imagine living there for the next years.
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Meanwhile I have to make the best out of the situation, but summer is great in Europe at the moment. The weather is superheat and sunny. I enjoy my time here in nice parks and at the Bavarian lakes. So nice! I spend a lot of time with my friends and family of course but I have to organize a lot of stuff as well. Sometimes there’s not that much time for preparing food. So I thought it might be good, posting a quick summer recipe on the go.

Easy and delicious!
Here is what you need:

– hummus
– cherry tomatoes
– iceberg salad
– olive oil
– spelt or corn bread/ waffles


Just put the Hummus on the waffles, add all of the other ingredients and top it with olive oil. Awesome! It’s a nice and light snack for lunch or a picknick. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Have a great and sunny day!


Vegan brunch – meet family and friends

Dear Vegans,

if you read this blogpost I’m officially on my way to Saigon, Vietnam. I’m looking so forward to get there I couldn’t tell 🙂

Before I headed to South East Asia I had a real good brunch with my family on a Sunday morning.


They aren’t vegan but they share my experience with that lifestyle and even my stepfather brought a vegan apple pie he made for me. That was sooo sweet! So we had a great time together and ate real good stuff.


I bought a few vegan pastes like tomatoes spices, curry and a paste called „Bauernschmaus“ which means it’s spiced rustically.


I also made plates with lots of fruit like mangoes, raspberrys, strawberrys and bananas which I topped with roasted coconut.


As a dip I took coconut whip from Soyatoo.We used this for the pie as well and my stepfather really liked this one in his coffee.

We drank a smoothie made from my boyfriend with bananas, kiwis and oranges.

I wanted to have a salad with basil and tomatoes- I love love love the italian cuisine! So I did a bread salad with wholewheat toast and roasted the toast in a pan with olive oil and topped it with truffle oil. I mixed it all together in a bowl and I added some balsamico vinegar. It was delicious! My mum couldn’t stop eating this 🙂


I also prepared my beloved avo-cucumber salad, you could find the recipe here:


It was such a fun and hands down- it wasn’t that busy preparing those things but all of our snacks were great and very tasty!


Do you want to surprise your non-vegan friends? You’re good to go, the best thing for me is the brunch. You’re starting the day tighter, sitting all around talking and laughing, everyone could try a lot of different things- I think this will be great.

Do you have some brunch ideas? Just let me know.

Xoxo, Alex

Im Fenchelschlafrock eingebettetes Gemüse // Fennel filled with various vegetables

Hi Veganfreunde,

da ich Fenchel wahnsinnig gern mag, aber nie selber damit gekocht habe, musste sich etwas in meiner Küche geändert werden! Ich bin auf ein Fenchelrezept gestoßen, dass ich Euch nicht vorenthalten kann. Es ist mal wieder sehr einfach in der Vorbereitung, dafür aber umso leckerer als fertiges Gericht.

Ihr benötigt (für 2 Personen):

  • 2 Fenchelknollen
  • Gemüse Eurer Wahl (ich habe Paprika, Zucchini, Minigurken, Karotten und Champignons verwendet)
  • Räuchertofu (für diejenigen, die kein Tofu essen: einfach weglassen, kein Problem!)
  • etwas vegane Bolognese (ich nehme seit Jahren die von Gefro- unvergleichbar gut!!!)
  • etwas Rosmarin als Deko 🙂


  • fürden Schmelz“käse“: Hefeflocken, mittelscharfer Senf, Mehl, Alsan
  • eine Auflaufform
  • einen Topf/Wok und einen kleinen Topf für den Schmelz



Zuerst wird der Fenchel geputzt und gewaschen. Trennt die äußeren 2 Fenchel“blätter“ von der Knolle ab und blanchiert diese ca. 5 Min. in kochenden Wasser und schreckt sie danach mit eiskaltem Wasser ab. Dann wird das Gemüse (inklusive Restfenchel) und der Tofu gehackt und samt Bolo im Wok angebraten und damit schließlich der Fenchel gefüllt. Alles zusammen in die Auflaufform geben.

Der Schmelz: (supergeniales Rezept von )

Packt den fertigen Schmelz zusammen mit dem Rosmarin einfach auf die fertig gefüllten Fenchelblätter drauf und schiebt das Ganze dann bei 180° für ca. 20 Min. in den Ofen.



An Guad’n….


English Version:

I’m really into fennel- but never cooked a dish with it by myself. So I thought that I have to change something. I found a pretty simple recipe in the internet and was surprised. It’s so yummy, I couldn’t get enough.

What you need:

  • 2 fennel
  • vegetables of your choice (I used paprica, zucchini, mini cucumber, carrots, mushrooms)
  • smoked tofu (if you don’t like tofu- just leave it out)
  • vegan bolognese sauce (I use the sauce from Gefro, a german company which uses only biological ingredients, no preservatives, etc.)
  • for the vegan cheese: yeast flakes (I buy them from NATURANA), mustard, wheat, and vegan butter (Alsan)
  • a casserole dish, a small casserole and a wok
  • just a few rosemary leaves for decoration



First pull the outter two segments of the fennel bulbs away and blanch them for 5 min. in water, after that put them in icecold water. Chop the left fennel in small peaces and put them with the vegetables and the tofu into the wok. Just roast the veggies with the bolognese.Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Put the fennel in the casserole, fill it with the veggies and put cheese and the rosemary on it.

How to make vegan cheese by yourself?:

Put the casserole for 20 min. into the oven.