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Vegan travelling to Saigon, Vietnam // food tips for the road

I’m in Vietnam since a week now. I travelled from Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, to the Mekong Delta and back to get to the center of Vietnam, Da Nang and to Hoi An. I like this country so far. There are lots of really nice and helpful people, the weather is hot but I could handle that.

If I travelled on a sleeping bus there was a woman sitting next to me. If the bus stopped and some food traiders come into the bus for selling their fruits and vegetables, this woman offered me immediately one of her buttercorn (it was made with plant oil, i smelled it). She was so sweet! I really love the people


But when it comes to vegan food in general it could get a bit difficult for you. I would like to share some tips with you.

1.) Make a list

Write down your favorite things you’d like to eat and ask your receptionist at the hotel to put it down in the spoken language for you. Or get it from the menu if you’re in a restaurant where they translate their dishes.

2.) Whenever your in a supermarket where they sell any kinds of vegan food like fruit, bread, jam or whatever, get what you could carry and store. Just in case…


Noodles with veggies and nuts at the l’usine.


3.) don’t be shy

Ask the waiter if you could have just a rice/noodles with vegetables. That should be ok all around asia.

4.) eat a lot
If you’re in a restaurant with vegan food then eat as much as you can 🙂 You don’t have to starve a long time till you find another food court.

You don’t have to be scared of asia because you’re vegan. There’s always a way to get good food for you! But sometimes it turns out that eating vegetarian is a good compromise here in Vietnam, because you never know what they especially put on the veggies or in the soup even if it looks ,clean‘. I really enjoy my time up here and I hope you liked the quick tips for the road.

What do you do as a vegan abroad? Any tips I might add to this list?

I had some great experiences here in Saigon at these places:

– the khanhcasa tea house

– the hum restaurant

– the l’usine restaurant



Vegan Traveling to New York City…

Hey there vegan friends,

as you might know I’m right back from the Empire State of Mind, New York City. In case you weren’t there yet, you should definitely note that city on your bucket list. I was there for at least three times and I’m gonna love it even more from time to time. It’s breathtaking, the different cultures, architecture, the style and of course the food.


There are so many restaurants, food trucks, organic grocery stores and so on that you think you are in food heaven sometimes. Like in the Chelsea food market for example. And the U.S. is very vegan friendly so if you’re asking for a vegan option no one would make fun of you. They are very open to that topic- well, if you aren’t in Texas 🙂 Try it out!

I was there just for 5 days and we were busy seeing the city so I decided to eat mostly on the go or catch my stuff and take it with me to the hotel then. Because eating in a restaurant in NYC is just for a big wallet- most of the time 🙂

We were glad having a lot of organic grocery stores around our great hotel- the hotel 31.. This i a great location if you want to be in the middle of the city- well not that Times Square middle of the city but very close to 5th ave and the empire state building and to the green subway line 4,5 and 6 at 33h street. It’s located in the 31st street east and the area is a relaxed neighborhood with lots of nice houses vera close to east village.


We started at the Fairway supermarket for grabbing dinner and breakfast for the next day. This supermarket is located pretty close at 550 2nd Ave New York, NY 10016. This supermarket is open ‚til 11 p.m..



This was my first breakfast. Bagels with vegan cheese and some yoghurt. The cheese was ok but I liked it more with hummus on it. The chia pod with mango was great and I had good protein to start the day right. I had the almond yoghurt at night and this was kinda heavy 🙂 Very filling but good. I guess these three things were about $ 7… Pretty much but if you’re in NYC everything is a bit more expensive than anywhere else, especially if you wanna eat clean.

Lunch AND dinner for this day was from whole foods market at union square. I love this store- great food, great brands and lot’s of great stuff in there. What I love most about them is their fresh food court with lot’s of vegan choices.

I got these box:


Falafel, chickpea salad, spinach noodles, peas and potatoes, brocoli.

I loved this! It was super yummy and 500gr/ 1 lb are bout $ 8. So I payed $12 for this box but I could eat twice and it was very fresh and delicious.

We also went to Erin McKenna’s Bakery in the East Village the other day… This will be a separate post 🙂

Hold on, guys- this will be awesome sauce!


This cake even convinced my omnivore friend that everything’s possible VEGAN 🙂

When it comes to nightlife I went again to 230th 5th rooftop bar. I felt in love with this place in summer 2012 when my boyfriend and me did a 5 week trip through the USA and stopped over there. You could see the Empire State Building right in front of you from the top of this bar. It’s amazing and you should definitely try this out!!!


This was our $8 BIG APPLE BLAST. You always have to watch out for the specials or happy hours in NYC. That’s the key to have a great but inexpensive time in one of the greatest cities on our awesome planet earth 🙂

When we flew back with TAP Portugal from NYC to Lisbon and finally to Munich we had a problem with the communication between the ground stuff and the stewards because of our food at the plain. My friend and I ordered vegan food but they couldn’t make it and so I had to decide between chicken or fish- I asked if they didn’t even have a vegetarian option cause there is always one when you fly with other airlines. But they didn’t and so I ordered chicken just for the side salad and the fruit. She made fun of me and said „Oh just wanted the vegetarian option and now you choose the chicken?“ and finished her sentence with a laughter. So I said very polite: „yes, cause I just want to eat something and so I eat just the salad. Or do you want to starve me up here?“. She gave me all of the salad bowls the other passengers didn’t eat and overtime she came back she said sorry. This might be a hard time for vegans/ vegetarians in portugal, How comes that TAP is that intolerant on longterm and international flights?

In the end all came well and we get our vegan breakfast as we flew from Lisbon to Munich and this was great:

IMG_9688 IMG_9687

I’m sorry for the bad quality but I was kinda tired and didn’t want to pull my camera out of her bag 😦 But it was delicious and some other passengers went jealous with their white bread awful cheese and bacon things, haha …

If you were in NYC and checked out some great vegan places please let me know.

Have a nice Sunday everyone and keep reading 🙂